20 September 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR: [12.09.]

Hey guys! As you see I have still been out with shorts and Flip Flops one week ago, when these pics were taken! In the meantime it has ten degrees less but the forecast says we'll get 30°C again next week! Veronika and I will make sure to take some pictures with our last summer stuff that you haven't seen! :)
Uni has started, it's terribly stressful, even though I tried not to have a terribly stressed expression on my face for you! :) I'm also working now. I've found a quite well-paid job at a promotion agency, so it doesn't seem to get any more relaxed than that! Hope you guys are doing good and I'm always glad to hear from you here or on Facebook on our page - www.facebook.com/entertainment.scrapbook!

Jeans-shirt - Vintage
Shorts - Topman
Flippies - H&M

17 September 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: "To Rome With Love"

image via

When Veronika and I were in Rome last year, we had an unbelievable encounter on our last day in this beautiful old city! In one of the non-touristic and not well known districts, we suddenly found ourselves amidst the shooting of Woody Allen’s new film! We saw Jesse Eisenberg and Woody himself and were told that we had just missed Alec Baldwin and Ellen Page.

You can imagine how excited we were for the movie, especially cause we’re Woody’s biggest fans! In the beginning, I was a bit shocked at the deja-vu contents and didn’t know where Allen was heading with his storylines. They didn’t seem to build up something solid. However, time after time all the stories became meaningful pieces of cinema. 

“To Rome With Love’s” atmosphere is very authentic and Woody stays true to his directing and storytelling scheme. The feel good flair should be no surprise for anyone knowing Allen’s films. The actors are very wisely chosen. Even though Ellen Page might be the most questionable choice of the lot, her part is hilarious.

I was very pleased to see that the script delivers several messages that have a very up-to-date meaning and are brought close to us in a very satirical way, instead of being thrown at us like in other Hollywood movies. The movie bringing a small piece of summer back to you for 2 hours is just a bonus :)

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11 September 2012

PHOTO POST: indian summer

And once again it's all about a blogger's probably favorite topic - the weather!!! But who can blame us? It surely is one of the most influental factors when deciding on outfits for every day! :D 
So yes, here's proof that here in Vienna we have been blessed with a few days of indian summer. Just for a short time we can wear our sandals, sunglasses and grab a few last ice creams before we definitely step into fall weather.
This dress has pretty much become an essential piece for me during all the past heat waves in July & August, the light & flowy fabric made up the perfect way to stay cool. And in addition to that I have fallen in love with its pattern, making me think of the beach and the gorgeous blue sea every time I wore it! :)
So what about you? Excited for fall & to start layering again or still holding on to the last summer days?

2 September 2012

PHOTO POST: summer love

It's the second of September and it seems like fall has officially arrived here in Vienna. Well, luckily just a few days ago Felix and I got to spend summer's probably last hot day at my pool at home splishing and splashing around :D
With this post it's almost like saying farewell to summer 2012. 
What have we both been up to? A trip to New York & Chicago, one to nearby Salzburg and another one to Northern France. So lots of travelling, relaxing and stocking up on new energy for the beginning of another year of studies. Especially because the new fall season also brings long awaited changes for me, as I'm going to start studying at the marketing academy together with Felix! Couldn't be any more excited about it!! :)
Wishing you all a good beginning of autumn ;)


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