30 April 2013

OUTFIT DU JOUR: [Flashback]

Here's an outfit of last August that has never been posted! It marked the end of summer and looks like fall and I'm posting it now in spring :)
Hair was black back then, skin tanned and mood happy! The photos are shot close to where Veronika lives!
Right now, I'm busy doing my finals at university here in Vienna and can easily say I've never had as much to do! I hope y'all can enjoy this beautiful season more excessively than me, having to sit indoors and write my diploma thesis.
Never mind, enjoy the outfit and forgive the rare postings :) For more updates, follow me and also Veronika on instagram (see box on the left side!) or like our Facebook page! Have a good one you all!

 Blazer: Vintage
Tee: Desigual
Pants: H&M
Shoes: American Eagle
Sunnies: Forever 21
Accessories: Topman

18 April 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: "OZ - The Great and Powerful"

image via
My expectations for this film were kind of dismal, as I watched it ONLY for its female actors! What a casting coup. Academy Award nominated people and a seemingly stunning fictional world tore lots and lots of people to the cinemas to watch this movie, which is a kind of a prequel to the actual Oz-story. "Somewhere over the Rainbow" is NOT featured in the film, as its rights are held by Warner. ;)

The movie is not boring. However, some parts seemed very long to me, especially in comparison to some very racy parts. Mila Kunis doesn’t seem to fit the role of Theodora quite well, however, after changing into a witch she pulls off her thing remarkably, screaming a lot. Rachel Weisz is over-qualified and SO is Michelle Williams. Just having won a Golden Globe, I can’t seem to understand why she’s signing a role she only has to smile and chirr for? And James Franco looks strangely old in this one, which irritates from time to time.

Visually this movie convinced me on every possible level! 3D worked out fine I admit. What irritated me the most, however, was that the whole movie didn’t seem to find its tonality. For a children’s movie too brutal and dramatic, for an adult film way too childish. Thank God every single joke of Zack “monkey Finley” Braff was a big laugh!


16 April 2013

PHOTO POST: insta memories {4}

Spring has finally arrived here in Vienna and it couldn't feel more like a blessing after what feels like the longest winter ever! So here's a little insight of how the past few days have been spent, mostly marvelling over the sunny days, the first spring flowers and enjoying some yummy meals - as usual ;)

sunrises in the morning // celebrating Felix's birthday
breakfasts during the weekend // fell in love with this chandelier at an art exhibition
first spring time flowers // my hair is getting shorter & shorter
architecture in vienna on a sunny & a cloudy day :)
treats while going to see movies at the cinema // yet another sunrise from my balcony at home ^^
studying outside in the nature for the first time // the Zurich lake during a trip to Switzerland
magical looking hallways in Zurich // table setting for a family dinner on Easter Sunday
sunset over the fairy-tale-looking houses Zurich // on the way in the car with rolled down windows, thats's the definite sign for me that spring has arrived :D 


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