25 February 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: "Les Misérables"

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This year’s Academy Awards are over! I couldn’t be happier with the/my winner of the evening: Life of Pi! However, Les Miz got the second most nods which made me real happy as well! The wins for Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound Mixing and Best MakeUp are all so very well deserved! I love the story of Les Misérables, having seen the Mini-Series with Gérard Dépardieu tons of times! My expectations towards the movie for the big screen were huge!

I have to applaud all the actors that are part of the film. Hugh Jackman’s voice is definitely worth an own review, but I liked it as it was unusual. So was Russel Crowe’s! Anne Hathaway’s and Amanda Seyfried’s voices were a bit weak but I absolutely loved the imperfect interpretation that made it so much more real and authentic than any other musical. I thought that not only Anne Hathaway’s superb and absolutely stunning performance but also Hugh Jackman’s passionate interpretation of Jean Valjean were oscar-worthy. 

But apart from the wonderful make-up and costumes, the glitzy performances by ALL actors and the fabulous settings, there were two things that I really disliked. The first thing were the weird camera angles that made the sets look unreal from time to time. And the second thing is the screenplay. While the first half is adapted fantastically, the second half is not! Lots of events have been left out whilst others were given loads too much time, such as the furniture-barrier scenes! The film seems unbelievably long, especially the last few scenes could have been shortened.

Don’t watch it only for its brilliant songs that stay in your mind for days to come but also for the unusually real and authentic performances and making! A very special interpretation. I hated The King’s Speech, but Tom Hooper’s got me with this one! I dreeeammed a dreeeamm!

20 February 2013

PHOTO POST: From Felix With Love

Right after the end of my successful yet exhausting 3. semester at uni, I jumped onto the plane to go visit my good friend MATHILDE who is studying at the Sorbonne and invited me to stay with her in her lovely apartment for a weekend! Having been there, I didn’t expect the world from the city of love.
However, I was taken by complete surprise at the sheer amount of wonderful sites and places and cafes that the city provides! I wanted to see everything all at once and found the time there quite too short! :)
Highlights were the gorgeous Parc des Buttes-Chaumont including the highest point of the city, as well as the quiet, pieceful 7th arrondissement. Further, the popular Quartier Latin and Boulevard St. Germain were a sheer pleasure of course! My feelings towards the city were so different than the last time I had been there! I have rarely experienced a conglomeration of lifestyle/architecture/fashion/independence to such an extent.
Mathilde and me didn’t quite mind the weather at all, even though it was FROSTY and rainy! Enjoy my cloudy yet happy impressions from a wonderful weekend mid-February thanks to my dear friend who I had tons of fun with! :D
Of course, I documented my journey on instagram under the name of koala_republic! Don't forget to follow me for bits'n'pieces of Viennese life! ;)

it was super-cold but that kinda provided an interesting atmosphere!

the stunning Palais de Luxembourg with the pretty pond inmidst the Jardins de Luxembourg!
Crêpe time! in front of the Notre-Dame!
super-yummy and horribly expensive Parisian snacks <3 love 'em!
the Hotel de Ville!
Eiffel Tower posing at the Palais de Tokyo!
a HUGE temporary Dalí exhibition that I adored!
Le Louvre, le louvre, le louvre! I've never ever been inside! :D
the poshy Hotel Costes with beauitful window displays!
Place de la Concorde! + blue sky :)
Pyramid & me.
the sparkling Opera Garnier!
blessings! ;)
La Sacré-Coeur at the Montmartre

16 February 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: "Life of Pi"

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Every once in a while there is a movie that manages to stay in my mind forever. The last movie which managed that was “The Help”. I feel the need to watch it once a month, but I don’t do so, so it doesn’t get boring. Instead, I listen to the soundtrack 24/7. Life of Pi’s trailer didn’t move me at all, I thought it was a tribute to nature. Ang Lee’s movies were never my favorites and the novel’s contents didn’t take me to the book store either. Veronika dragged me to the movie theater and TADA I was impressed already after the opening credits.

Of course, in all technical respects, the movie is fantastic. It is brilliantly made, the best of the best managed to make the unreal scenario look real and stun us every 5 minutes. Thank God, the movie was acknowledged at this year’s Academy Awards with lots of nominees, mostly of technical nature. Let’s see how many “Life of Pi” actually wins, being rather the underdog at this year’s ceremony, probably.

The soundtrack was already acknowledged at the Golden Globes, it won! In my opinion, it is one of the best soundtracks of the least few years. It reminded me oddly of Titanic, a fact that I loved. However, what makes the movie so fascinating: it’s the contents. What a thrilling series of events. You can’t look away from the screen as everything happening is just so extraordinary. The end left me incredibly moved. I was so fascinated by the story that I had just been told, that I had to watch it again just a week later!

Let this movie win tons of Academy Awards on Sunday Night as it is one of my Top 15 favorite movies of all times. It is unbelievably touching, heartwarmingly told and beautifully acted! The end is one of the best that I have ever come across. Watch watch watch watch watch! Again and again!

10 February 2013


While having a week off from university, Felix and I finally got around to taking some outfit photos again. This is pretty much my favorite combination for everyday-wear: some boots to keep off the cold, a skirt or some pants & a blazer, all paired off with a big warm scarf.
While enjoying the short holiday break, we used the time to wander around the gorgeous area of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, which you can see in the background of the photos here & we even squeezed in a bit of a cultural program as well, visiting an art exhibition.
Wishing everyone a successful start into the new semester & we're keeping our fingers crossed for spring to arrive soon, there's already been enough of the snow-chaos for this season!!! ;D


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