31 March 2012


It’s finally here! I was a huuuge fan of Madonna’s "Hard Candy" and her "Confessions on a Dancefloor" album in 2008 and 2005, respectively. And the list goes on with “American Life”, “Music” and “Ray of Light” somehow finding the way to my soul. I know, Madonna is too old for her image and she can’t age with dignity, but that doesn’t change the high quality of her music! 

“MDNA” debuted at No. 1 of the US Billboard Charts being her like 100th album to do so. :) In Europe, however, it has not found that great of an applause. I have to admit I am a tiny bit disappointed that Madonna hasn’t discovered a new style of music for this one, but you can’t always expect her to do so.

With collaborations with Martin Solveig, Benny Benassi and more, this album guarantees us to have some groovy dance-moves in it and I absolutely love “Superstar”, “Love Spent” and “Some Girls”. However, the new single “Girl Gone Wild” does it as well for me as does the Golden Globe winning “Masterpiece”. The only real disappointments are “Turn Up The Radio” and “I F***d up”, with “Beautiful Killer” and “Best Friends” convincing on a quieter level.

For a Madonna album, it is indeed not a revelation, but an album with SO many groovy, funky and mass-friendly numbers with great melodies can’t be so bad. And it certainly isn’t. :) Please make one more, Madonna!

28 March 2012

PHOTO POST: m.o.t.t.o

Having lived in Vienna for so many years, I'm surprised every time I realise how much there's still left to discover. You can't compare Vienna to those huge and amazing cities like New York, Paris or London, but it surely has it's own special charm. Cute little cafés, districts with beautiful places to walk around or some extraordinary clubs you've never heard of before - these are all things that make you appreciate the city you live in even more. 
This time the destination of a new discovery was the café "Motto am Fluss", right next to the Danube (a river flowing through Vienna). A great location with an even greater view! :) Especially if you arrive there at such a transition time, to get an afternoon snack and get to experience both the sunset and all the glowing city lights at night.

I discovered the café through a Viennese blog and was actually attracted to it the most because of its logo ^^ simply with the thoughts that if it has such an appealing outer appearance it must be at least just as good inside too

here's a thing that I really look forward to when going out drinking or eating - the menu cards of the place to be visited! (even if it's a bit weird :D) it's great to see if an effort has been made to support the whole image and atmosphere, not just caring about what's written inside

almost obligatory little pots of tea, my friend whom I went there with, supporting the tea-love as well :)

view outside during the sunset

wish I could have ordered 5 of these and eaten all of them instead! :))

perfect interior and perfect lighting in the evening, it's a pleasure to spend time there!

a last view onto the Danube when leaving. you know that spring is in the air when you can go outside at night with just a light jacket on, such a beautiful weather makes an already succesful day simply amazing :)

24 March 2012


Spring has come! My favorite time of the year! :) (Not only because my birthday is in it.) And although we’re having sunny weather and 20°C here in Vienna for one week, on the 15th it was all clouds and autumn-ly! However, even more useful was my onion-skin look in cold blue, grey and green shades for the fresh windy times. :) 
Hope you're all havin' a great start into April and that it's gonna be the best and sunniest spring ever hehe :)

getting interrupted :) hehe 

Jacket: Zara
Cardigan: A&F
T-Shirt: H&M
Pants: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Zara

19 March 2012

PHOTO POST: weekend furriness

Here's a little recap of the weekend - the weather being amazing, a visit to the zoo seemed the perfect thing to do! ^^ Every time I go there, and it doesn't happen too often, so that's probably what makes it feel special every time, I get excited with anticipation about all the furry cuteness. And yes, take a look at those penguins, even they're furry too!!! :)
And there's a book that I would love to recommend to you - "The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, which has become one of my favorite ones. What made me think of it was seeing those little tigers, with one of them playing a main role in the story. Especially this quote still stayed memorable in my mind: 
"Do zoos incarcerate animals in confined spaces and make them miserable? Pi doesn't think so: 'Certain illusions about freedom tempt us to jump to this conclusion. In actuality, an animal's life in the wild is more circumscribed than 'knight on a chessboard'. Predaror-prey relationships restrict the animal's movement. A zoo enclosure is actually more like a hearth for an animal: a place of comfort and rest.' "
It's a beautiful and touching tale, so if you're feeling bored, grab a copy and see if you like it as much as I did! ;) Has any one of you read it before?

these are actually chickens, who would have thought that they can be sweet and cuddly too? :)

a beautiful sky at the end of a beautiful day

12 March 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: "The Descendants"

This movie has been applauded by one and all, and won the Best Drama and Best Actor at the Golden Globe Awards. The trailer was far from fascinating, so I thought, that’s why I had to force myself to watch the movie. I’m not the greatest of fans of Clooney, but liked “Juno”, whose author also wrote this film.

Without expectations, this movie managed to disappoint me nevertheless. The storyline was quite ordinary. I mean, of course it is touching that his wife lies in a coma and he has to cope with the children’s problems, but it’s just not the first time such a film has been made! Also the adultery topic: of course it’s sad, but other movies treated the topic more convincingly.

What I liked about the movie was the Hawaiian Flair, however, the Hawaiian music soon began to go on my nerves :D The acting of the elder daughter was absolutely brilliant and natural, another plus; and then, of course, some very human moments in between.

All in all, however, that was just not enough to touch and move me completely, even though the ending tries very hard to. I’m very sure there are going to be loads of different opinions on that one, but I was not convinced.

images via

6 March 2012

PHOTO POST: first days of spring - kunsthallencafé

Finally spring has arrived here in Vienna!!! Don't mind the colors of what Felix and I were wearing (still blacks and greys ^^), it's still pretty cool outside but at least the sun has decided to shine once again :)
This was pretty much a perfect day as we spent it doing things we love. The first stop was at the "lieblingsflohmarkt" (practically a flea market but just as much of a place for young austrian designers to present their creations) at the "grelle forellee" (a "hip" new club which recently opened up in Vienna). The atmosphere was amazing, with a DJ responsible for great music and just sooo many stylish people! ^^ Our lucky finds were: black aviator sunglasses for Felix and mine were - a ring with a cup of tea, and a bracelet with an eiffel tower and a macaroon (this jewellery is a match made in heaven for me!!!!)
Afterwards we chose the "kunsthallencafé" at karlsplatz as our location to grab a snack and we weren't disappointed!! Great food, great drinks and especially perfect with a terasse to sit outside and enjoy the sun (this time we came a bit too late and decided to sit inside rather than freeze in the shade :D)

the view right out of the window on to the famous Karlskriche (engl. Carl's church)

the perfect way to read books on the go - with my beloved kobo e-reader (he's even more beloved because of his name ^^)

deliciousness spread all over the café

tea for me as usual and Felix ordered some kind of refreshing-lemony drink

the macaroon bracelet!! you can take a look at some more pieces from the designer here: iloveblossom

yummy foood!

on my right hand you can see that cute little tea-cup ring! ^^


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