17 June 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: "Snow White & The Huntsman"

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Not only the anniversary of the famous fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers or the success in the United States, but most of all the superb cast drew Veronika and me to the cinema yesterday to find out what the craze is all about!

I got exactly what was promised in the trailer! A very dark and dirty, drastic and dusky transformation of the 200 year old story. I enjoyed the grown-up version and appreciate the courage to cater a target group from teenagers to mid-thirties!

Sometimes, though, the script lacked some logic and consistency and quite some parts made you laugh without the purpose of being funny! However, the cast is chosen exceptionally well, the story is changed in quite a pleasant manner, the music is well composed and the locations and settings always give you something stunning to watch!  

Watch it. But don’t take it too seriously; at least, not all the time :)

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11 June 2012


Exams are over!! Life can begin again!! Veronika and I are enjoying late spring and awaiting summer with open arms! (Don't be irritated by the jacket hehe!)
Having coffee and cake in a cute little café near my home, we're spending some relaxed free-rime off work and off stress. My outfit seems to be Zara all the way, realized it just now! ;)
I can't wait to welcome summer with y'all, hear your summer plans, share my outfits for the Viennese heat with you and see yours :)

Jacket: Zara
Cardigan: Zara
Polo: Marc O'Polo
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Zara

6 June 2012

insta-memories {1}

Sooooo much to do in June!! Some of you probably know how irritating this last month of studying can be - exams, handing in final papers, etc. - more than enough to go crazy!! :)
As much as I'd love to carry my camera around with me EVERYWHERE, it just doesn't work too well, even after a few hours I start complaining about how heavy and bulky it is. So there is finally the perfect solution for me, for capturing everyday-moments in photos - my new found love - instagram!!
So here's the first capture of what my past days looked like & more will be following with continuous updates ;)
You can follow me there with the username khveronika and if any of you are using it too, feel free to leave your usernames in the comments & I'll make sure to check out your profiles! :)

tea at starbucks // weekend-trip to a cute little city nearby

first ice-cream of the season // impressions from weekend trip

installations at the museum // finished reading "delicacy" by david foenkinos

gorgeous streets & architecture in vienna // week full of eurovision viewings with felix

unfriendly & rainy weather // finished the 3 books of the hunger games series by suzanne collins

finally finding motivation to workout // party at night


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