31 October 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: "Declaration of Dependance" by Kings of Convenience

photo source: [americansongwriter.com]
It’s a classic in my list and it’s one of the best albums ever made. This band consisting of two Norwegians keeps making the right sounds and moving my heart. They have been existing for ages now, but Veronika and me only discovered them about a year or so I think. This is their latest album, it’s from 2009 and I so hope they’re launching a new one soon.

The style is very melancholic and nostalgic. It instantly evokes feelings of summer and happiness, of coziness and pure luck.  The guitar sounds and the distinctive riffs in their songs just make you want to go around and hug people. The album was also my personal official summer 2011 album so it reminds me of so many things I never want to forget.

You just have to listen to 24-25, Boat Behind, Me In You, Mrs. Cold and Rule My World to know what I’m talking about. The rest of the album is about equally as fantastic, the album has no lows, every time the next song comes up your heart wants to jump around. STRONGEST RECOMMENDATION!


30 October 2011

VIDEO POST: seduction skills

Here's a video by the "Agent Provocateur" brand starring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
"Love me tender... or else."
I really liked the idea of the producer ^^ and Rosie... well she's simply stunning as always!!!
So have a look and don't forget to show it to your boyfriends ;)

Agent Provocateur - "Love Me Tender" in HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

29 October 2011

PHOTO POST: moving photos

When I first saw these photos, I was just so stunnend!!!
They remind me of the moving photos in the Harry Potter books and I always loved those! :) Well, maybe our technology catches up just as fast and we'll even be able to print pictures with moving people on them ;)
Here's the website of the creators: from me to you (Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg) and their own description of their works of art:
    "A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly."
What do you think of them?

"Play it Sam, play... As time goes by"

A charmed life... Locked in Love with Tiffany's

Busy day in Manhattan... But there's always time for the paper

Looking for something?

Meet me at the bar...

New York Fashion Week behind the scenes

Taking it all in

The cool fall air is just around the corner

The kettle can wait

The lips

They travel the world to capture beauty...

Who's watching who?

27 October 2011


Just playing dress up with a pretty dress :)
I chose some pretty extreme colours for the make-up I wouldn't usually wear (well actually I'd never wear them :DD) Do you like it?

all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]

26 October 2011

PHOTO POST: style admiration

Louise Roe - I'm practically in love with her and her style!! ^^
I first saw her on the show "Plain Jane" and was blown away by the way she always looked. Of course, you could say that it's not such a great accomplishment, as she has numerous stylists buzzing around her, making her look perfect before capturing it all on film. But even in real life she looks just as insanely gorgeous and she can pull off pretty much any kind of look.
So just to summarize it, she's a TV presenter, a model and a fashion journalist. Oh right, and to top it all off, she's got a British accent.
So, just have a look for yourself - this girl is amazing!!! :)

it's all about striking colours - combining a glossy wine red with mandarine-orange

bold colours and bold shapes of the garments

managing to look stylish even when it's cold outside - adding up the layers and staying with the colours

never afraid of experimenting - perfect combination of a daring dress with few accessoires
love her for staying real and actually re-using accessoires like a normal human being (same bag on 2nd photo)

seems to be a British thing - wearing open-toed shoes while it's freezing outside ^^

she can rock flare-legged jeans just as much as sexy little dresses

one of the items you can see really often on her - dresses with colourful patterns

rocking her signature heels - sky high and always with a platform

and maybe you've noticed - the pose she usually has - one leg crossed over the other (maybe it has a slimming effect? ^^)


21 October 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Johnny English Reborn

To be all honest, I thought that the first Johnny English movie was one of the funniest movies I had EVER seen. It’s full of good jokes, Rowan “Mr. Bean” Atkinsons mimics and whole performance are great as always and even the plot is quite entertaining.

Thank God, the second part is extremely funny as well. Unfortunately, not as funny as the first one, but still a laugh riot. And anyways, who still expects sequels to be funnier than their first parts? Not me.

The plot is not as relevant or innovative as the one in the first part, but it’s okay. Atkinsons jokes have become fewer, but they’re still there and they’re extremely funny. I can say that I felt entertained from the beginning ‘til the end. I wouldn’t regard the movie as a disappointment, just don’t expect it to top the first part! (Actually, don’t ever do that with sequels.) So still: Johnny English ALL THE WAY! 

photo sources: [meinkino.ch], [filmoria.co.uk], [moviereporter.net] & [filmofilia.com]


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