31 July 2012

insta-memories {2}

Summer, sun, relaxation, spiced up with a few rainy days as well ;) That's what the last weeks have all been about! But the most important thing is simply finally getting a break from studying!!! :D Here's a small sum of what I've been up to through instagram-impressions

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no seas here in austria so relaxation can be found at lakes! :) mondsee on the photo here // city centre next to mondsee

finally found the perfect jeans jacket // cloudy weather in vienna - at least there's some beautiful architecture to enjoy ^^

my favorite way of spending the summer days - relaxing at the pool // or going rollerblading as a fun workout

why getting up early pays off - gorgeous sunrises!! // and there's an upside to the rainy weather when you can spot a rainbow afterwards :)

outfit of the day - red bow wedges & some ripped jeans // finally some aviators that fit me :)

i'm not much of a cook so this is what does it for me - snacks with goat cheese // and healthy breakfasts - muesli with fresh fruits

21 July 2012

PHOTO POST: New York and Chicago!!

I'm back from one of my highlights of 2012 and probably one of the best journeys I've ever been on!
New York and Chicago were absolutely amazing! Two weeks were certainly not enough, the ones of you who've been there know what I mean.
My good friend Larissa and I had an appartment on the Upper West Side in a little hotel and did a mixture of sightseeing and relaxing in my favorite city. The people in NYC are said to be so rude, well, if you ask me they're tons nicer and friendlier than Europeans ;) We met so many random people that we exchanged stories with, every day! 
Chicago was stunning. I wonder why no one ever seems to have been there. The skyline is amazing as well. Only backfire was the 41° Celsius that we had over the whole of the two weeks :D Of course, we went swimming in Lake Michigan one day.
I don't have to tell those who have been there, but the United States is definitely something different! Especially NYC, where you wish you were friends with every second pedestrian, just captures my every blood vessel and thought while I'm there (hehe). I hope that once I can live over there and to you, who have not been in NYC or Chicago, go there! Summer or winter, never mind :)
Now I just wish all of you a wonderful remaining summer, mine started out VERY well, I hope yours did too. Enjoy my impressions:


New York City Skyline... Lower Manhattan - the Staten Island Ferry is for free, never enjoyed anything that much ;)

the obligatory time square pic ;)

the flatiron building :) while the traffic light was red ;)

my favorite building in New York with the most beautiful top - the Chrysler Building

one of the best museums I've been to

Alice and me!

Metropolitan Opera on the Upper West Side

Upper West Side in the evening.. stunning

Chicago from above (Willis Tower - the highest tower in the USA)

Chicago skyline and me

the bean <3

the Art Institute of Chicago with a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition inside right now!

beautiful Michigan River flowing through Downtown Chicago

12 July 2012


It's almost the middle of July - and to me - this is what summer is all about: laid back days, finally finding some time to go shopping, raiding the sales in hope of some lucky finds and outfits like these becoming a uniform to fight against the heat - just a simple top & shorts or a skirt without any fancy layers!
The photos were taken in the 6th district in Vienna, which is most of all famous for one of the biggest shopping streets in the city - the Mariahilfer Straße. There are also lots of cute cafés & restaurants, which was exactly where I retreated after giving up on all of the shops because of the unbearable heat. What do you think about all of the sales? A possibility to find some great cheap pieces or much more a constant disappointment, having to fight through heaps of clothing in search for the right sizes? :D
Hope you're enjoying the wonderful summer days!! :)

top & shorts: amisu
wedges: tommy hilfiger
bag: marron paris

8 July 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: "My Week With Marilyn"

image via
With this cast, I didn’t expect the movie to be anything but exceptional. Michelle Williams’s performance was applauded the day they started shooting and the cinematography came across beautifully in the trailers.
Indeed, this is one film that managed to match my expectations perfectly. I was completely stunned by how wonderfully everything was brought on the big screen. The actors are unbelievable, even the smallest roles, the music is composed very aptly and even stays in your memory, which I appreciate very much. The sets are so marvellous, you want to go to London right away.
Be it Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne carrying the film with their heartfelt and authentic achievements as actors, or the soundtrack, or the story which moves you, feeling a mixture of respect and pity for Marilyn. The story is transformed into the script perfectly, the movie is never boring. Go. To see it. NOW!
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3 July 2012

PHOTO POST: summery salzburg

Finally the holidays have arrived!! I don't know about you but I'm incredibly excited about it :) 
Being able to enjoy the sun and the heat, going shopping, just strolling around throgh the streets and eating ice cream - perfect relaxation! And a really deserved one too, after weeks and weeks of studying for final exams at university..
Right now I'm visiting a friend in Salzburg (a small city in Austria which is probably most famous for being the place where Mozart was born ^^), which is just a 3 hour train ride away from Vienna. To me, simply cute, cozy and yet extremely beautiful - here are a few snapshots I took while discovering the city by myself on the first day arriving here.
Hope you're enjoying the beginning of the summer holidays just as much!! :)

mirabell gardens

unicorns protecting the mirabell palace

linzer street - one of the main shopping streets

 colorful architecture on the streets of salzburg

 view onto the city's cathedral from the mirabell gardens

 ancient architecture

 blooming lavender


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