21 July 2012

PHOTO POST: New York and Chicago!!

I'm back from one of my highlights of 2012 and probably one of the best journeys I've ever been on!
New York and Chicago were absolutely amazing! Two weeks were certainly not enough, the ones of you who've been there know what I mean.
My good friend Larissa and I had an appartment on the Upper West Side in a little hotel and did a mixture of sightseeing and relaxing in my favorite city. The people in NYC are said to be so rude, well, if you ask me they're tons nicer and friendlier than Europeans ;) We met so many random people that we exchanged stories with, every day! 
Chicago was stunning. I wonder why no one ever seems to have been there. The skyline is amazing as well. Only backfire was the 41° Celsius that we had over the whole of the two weeks :D Of course, we went swimming in Lake Michigan one day.
I don't have to tell those who have been there, but the United States is definitely something different! Especially NYC, where you wish you were friends with every second pedestrian, just captures my every blood vessel and thought while I'm there (hehe). I hope that once I can live over there and to you, who have not been in NYC or Chicago, go there! Summer or winter, never mind :)
Now I just wish all of you a wonderful remaining summer, mine started out VERY well, I hope yours did too. Enjoy my impressions:


New York City Skyline... Lower Manhattan - the Staten Island Ferry is for free, never enjoyed anything that much ;)

the obligatory time square pic ;)

the flatiron building :) while the traffic light was red ;)

my favorite building in New York with the most beautiful top - the Chrysler Building

one of the best museums I've been to

Alice and me!

Metropolitan Opera on the Upper West Side

Upper West Side in the evening.. stunning

Chicago from above (Willis Tower - the highest tower in the USA)

Chicago skyline and me

the bean <3

the Art Institute of Chicago with a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition inside right now!

beautiful Michigan River flowing through Downtown Chicago


  1. Amazing Pictures!!!


  2. Gosh! Love this post and I love NYC (great pictures)! I'll be there next autumn, see you in the next post!

  3. new york is something else. i went two years ago and have been in love ever since. no words can really describe it fully. chicago is definitely on my list and i hope to make it there one day soon. glad you've enjoyed your trip to the u.s.!


  4. Great photos... I like the metalic BEAN!

  5. Wow 41?! That is so hot! Pushing 30 is my limit.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time though. Gorgeous photos!


  6. wow! good for you.
    great pics, i might add!


  7. What a envy right now! xD
    Nice photos! :)

  8. I envy you for this...
    Regards from RO.

  9. did you went to the Met ? I really wanted to go for the exposition of Prada and Schiap, NYC is the city of the dreams

  10. Dos ciudades maravillosas :) Qué suerte tuviste de poder viajar a ellas!! Yo muero por hacerlo.

    Un fuerte abrazo desde Barcelona,

    Álvaro NEW POST IN leseasonnier.blogspot.com.es

  11. "Upper West Side in the evening.. stunning" - stunning indeed!!
    It's a pity that I wasn't in New York, but maybe someday..
    And you look great! I like your sense of fashion style.

    Thank you for visiting my photoblog and a very nice comment! It means alot to me. You're always welcome on tomunhomme.com! ;)

  12. These pics are just amazing.so lucky!ive never been to new york..hope going there one day!Nice outfits ;)


  13. Thanks for another informative site. Where else could I get that type of information written in such an ideal way

  14. Wow, how lucky!!

    New York must be amazing, but Chicago (as far as i see in your pics) has some interesting places, like the contrast in the riverside. I'm looking for more information about it ; )

    Wherever the Sunset is



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