28 November 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR: [23.11.]

So Vienna has had one of the driest and warmest Novembers til date! I can still wear my kangaroo sweater without a jacket :D The look of this outfit I would regard as rather shabby in comparison to what I usually wear. I tried to leave out anything elegant for once and vary my looks. I hope you like my comination of aubergine and grass green :)


Sweater: Hollister
T-shirt: Zara
Pants: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Zara

all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]

22 November 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: „The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 1“ – Soundtrack-Compilation

photo source: [breakingdawnthesoundtrack.com]
I’m a huge fan of all the Twilight movies’ soundtracks! I thought the first one was world-changingly good in style and sense of music, the second was stunning regarding atmosphere and the third had an unbelievable track of famous bands and musicians.

The expectations for Breaking Dawn were huge, as the content offers tons of musical situations. However, I am deeply disappointed of Twilight’s music director. There are some really really Twilight-worthy tracks on the album that suit the series, such as “Endtape”, “Turning Page”, “From Now On”, “Neighbours” and the showstopper “Northern Lights”, but that’s just not enough.

The soundtrack does NOT boast of fantastic music for the first time. For the faster songs that have a Country touch to them you need tons of listenings until you grow to like them. However, after the third listening (yes, I really tried to like it) I can say that it is actually a good piece of music and even the quiet songs grew on me. I’m looking forward to hearing them in the movie on Friday; however, from all the soundtracks so far it’s surely the worst.

19 November 2011

PHOTO POST: tour through Scandinavian countries [PART 2] - COPENHAGEN

About a month ago I shared the first part of my summer trip with you, so after Stockholm, it's time for Copenhagen!!
I stayed there for about 2 days and really loved the city so much!!!
When browsing through the photos I realized that I'm so fascinated by the architecture, that I forget to take photos of other smaller things, like food, or cute shops,... I'll keep that in mind for my next trip ^^
There are simply hundreds of photos and it's really hard to make a smaller selection, so I hope you enjoy these :)
Has anyone of you been to Copenhagen? If yes, which sights did you enjoy the most??

17 November 2011


For everyone who doesn’t know: The novel „One Day“ by David Nicholls is my favorite novel or second favorite,  whatsoever. I’ve enjoyed reading this book so much, I cried, laughed, and fell in love with the two leading characters. As I’m a fan of novels being made into films, I was SO looking out for this one. (Especially as the director also made “An Education” which had fantastic cinematography and I like Anne Hathaway.)

And GOD, was it good. I am so glad to be able to say that the director did his best to turn the contents into a film. I’m sure it was extremely complicated to get the screenplay right and to make Emma and Dexter look accurate for their age (from 22 to 42).

The two lead actors played their parts brilliantly, the music was stunning, the cinematography was gorgeous with the respective decades being realized perfectly and the ending was so emotional that I just have to pay my respect to the whole cast and crew of the film. I wish I could give 5 stars, but it’s my favorite book and somehow it wouldn’t feel right.

photo sources: [imdb.com]

13 November 2011

PHOTO POST: home accessoires

I love unusual accessoires and here's a fun selection of some I found 
Christmas is coming up and I'm looking for present-ideas, sooo... maybe some of these could be useful :))
Which ones do you like the most??

photo source: [timog.com]
for all sushi lovers  - memo pads in the forms of salmon, tuna, fatty tuna & egg sushi :)

photo source: [tokyomango.com]
photo source: [bio-in-the-box.de]
as a constant tea drinker i loved this cute little thing ^^ 

photo source: [darkroastedblend.com]

a tea container in the form of a shark, especially fun with red fruit tea ;)

photo source: [mmminimal.com]
here's another cutie  piggy banks you can cusomize by yourself...

photo source: [mmminimal.com]

...by writing anything you like with chalk on them, for example how much money is currently inside!

photo source: [rnrassociates.com

 tp continue with the pig theme - you know how one plug is never enough? and extension cords kind of look ungly... here's a fun one!!!
photo source: [geekologie.com]

it's pink and in the form of a pig!!! ^^ cute and functional eye-catcher ;)
photo source: [swiss-miss.com]

another tea accessoire - the yellow submarine!!!

photo source: [swiss-miss.com]

photo source: [totally-funky.co.uk]
girls know the problem with getting their nails dry once they've painted them...

photo source: [gadgets.elliottback.com]
...well with this little monkey they can get dried much faster and in a cuter way!! ^^

photo source: [mechankikong.com]
if you keep forgetting where you put your keys once you get home, here's a unique solution for it...

photo source: [store.yankodesign.com]

...you can buckle them up!! :) 

photo source: [giftguidesuk.com]
this is probably my favourite - the remote control wand

photo source: [markstechnologynews.com]

photo source: [squidoo.com]

it can learn up to 13 different commands for all electronic devices just by using hand gestures!! :)

8 November 2011


"Novembery" weather and it's all about layering to fit in with the weather at different times of the day ^^
So for my outfit I just combined a flowy blouse, a vest and a trench coat on top..
Even though I'm not a huge fan of the colder seasons of the year, I'm actually already looking forward to the pre-Christmas time! In the next days/ weeks all the "Christkindlmärkte" in Vienna are going to open up - those are Christmas markets where you can buy all kinds of handy-crafts, eat yummy food and drink punch!!
And in addition to that, once November is over, I can get a break from all the studying for university and just relax a bit :))

trenchcoat: Axara
cardigan: Zara
blouse: Mango
jeans: Amisu
high heels: Zara

all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]


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