13 November 2011

PHOTO POST: home accessoires

I love unusual accessoires and here's a fun selection of some I found 
Christmas is coming up and I'm looking for present-ideas, sooo... maybe some of these could be useful :))
Which ones do you like the most??

photo source: [timog.com]
for all sushi lovers  - memo pads in the forms of salmon, tuna, fatty tuna & egg sushi :)

photo source: [tokyomango.com]
photo source: [bio-in-the-box.de]
as a constant tea drinker i loved this cute little thing ^^ 

photo source: [darkroastedblend.com]

a tea container in the form of a shark, especially fun with red fruit tea ;)

photo source: [mmminimal.com]
here's another cutie  piggy banks you can cusomize by yourself...

photo source: [mmminimal.com]

...by writing anything you like with chalk on them, for example how much money is currently inside!

photo source: [rnrassociates.com

 tp continue with the pig theme - you know how one plug is never enough? and extension cords kind of look ungly... here's a fun one!!!
photo source: [geekologie.com]

it's pink and in the form of a pig!!! ^^ cute and functional eye-catcher ;)
photo source: [swiss-miss.com]

another tea accessoire - the yellow submarine!!!

photo source: [swiss-miss.com]

photo source: [totally-funky.co.uk]
girls know the problem with getting their nails dry once they've painted them...

photo source: [gadgets.elliottback.com]
...well with this little monkey they can get dried much faster and in a cuter way!! ^^

photo source: [mechankikong.com]
if you keep forgetting where you put your keys once you get home, here's a unique solution for it...

photo source: [store.yankodesign.com]

...you can buckle them up!! :) 

photo source: [giftguidesuk.com]
this is probably my favourite - the remote control wand

photo source: [markstechnologynews.com]

photo source: [squidoo.com]

it can learn up to 13 different commands for all electronic devices just by using hand gestures!! :)


  1. some of them are a little bit odd and funny, but i do love the customizable piggy banks. i actually do have a real piggy bank that i still fill up every now and then, but i like this version better... it's more grown-up :)

  2. oh mein gott, diese sushi post its brauche ich! //dariadaria

  3. Very cool stuff, but The Wand, I Neeeed one.

  4. All these things are not just ordinary stuff we use, but they are so cute!!!

  5. hahah these are awesome!! and clever and actually really useful!
    Lovely Little Rants

  6. wie cool! deine Wohnung muß aussehen wie der originellste Designshop! die Sushidinger und der Teehai sind echt super!
    ciao Markus
    www.MWorx.at photography

  7. oh my god, that is so much fun!
    love it, everything


  8. nice post! nice blog! ;)


  9. Very funny ideas! I loved them!

    I also loved your blog, if you check mine, you'll like it! And if you follow me, it would be an honour for me ;) And I'll definetely follow you back.. Waiting for you! Kissses!!!


  10. these are brilliant!

    Fashion Philosophy

  11. Hey doll! Cute Blog!
    Feel free to check out mine and follow if you'd like :).


    LittleMissFashionista xoxo

  12. haha
    everything is sooooooo cool)

  13. What a fun-tastic post :) I want the pigs, the black and the pink - so useful and cool! And I want the sharky tea 'thing'. Now all I need is to find out where to buy it ;)

  14. Love this post!




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