29 August 2012


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So what's the hype about a talking vulgar teddy bear all about!? What's so funny about him? Answer: Everything. Convinced by surprisingly good reviews and raving public opinions, I had to go watch the movie after seeing the trailer - twice. Ted's jokes are out-of-this-worldly funny and even the grossest jokes make you laugh unintentionally. Both times, the movie theater hall was in a laugh riot.

I like the original idea about it all and that it's NOT a sequel, triquel, prequel or whatever and I actually think the story works pretty well. The cast is good, beautiful Mila Kunis keeps stunning me over and over again! Ted who has the voice of director and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has all the hearts with him. He can be as vulgar as he wants, it's still cute in some way.

So despite the completely sexist, fecal, racist and who knows what else jokes and the pretty long running time that has the plot dragging pretty badly in the end, this will make you laugh your brains out. (At least it had this effect on Veronika and me, along with the full-packed cinema halls.) There's proof in this statement looking at the boxoffice numbers, making it one of the most successful original movies of 2012!
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22 August 2012

PHOTO POST: french vacation

You have probably already seen the photos from Felix's amazing trip to America - if not you can catch up on it here!
And now it's time for me to share my summer travelling experience which has been in Northern France this year. I just came back yesterday and the memories are still fresh and overwhelming! I was extremely lucky to actually get so many sunny shots, as usually summer in the Bretagne is pretty much non-existent.
I stayed at a hotel in Roscoff and travelled by train to discover some cities nearby. 
Roscoff itself was extremely charming, with beautiful views of the sea, and the restaurants were to die for!!! Fresh sea food and fish made every lunch or dinner a huge & delicious feast!! :D
St. Pol de Leon, Morlaix and Dinan - such cute and antique looking cities, typical examples of the architecture of the region. Most of the houses there are built out of stones and with wooden details.
And of course Rennes, the capital of the Bretagne, serves as the perfect combination of antique elements in the city centre, and a more modern part - definitely worth a visit as well!!!
Have any of you ever been to that part of France? Or maybe even visited the same cities? I'd love to hear about your experiences :)

discovering Roscoff and the harbor on the first day of the trip

cute little streets of Roscoff, creperies on each and every corner luring you inside with all the delicious smells!! ^^

a navy-like outfit with stripes :) to fit in with the surroundings of the sea ^^

 first city trip to St. Pol de Leon with its famous church in the background

the next trip was to Morlaix - "hotel de ville" 

view over the city centre in Morlaix and the famous rail-road-bridge in the background

delicious dinner with fresh fish back in Roscoff

another trip the next day - to antique and medieval looking Dinan

visiting Rennes - typical wooden houses in the city centre

the contrasting sides of Rennes - classical architecture in the city centre & skyscrapers in the background

the next trip was to an island near Roscoff - Ile de Batz

view over the houses on the island

just spent hours & hours walking around there and enjoying the incredible scenery!!

and this is what the incredible sunrises looked like I woke up to every morning thanks to the seaview right outside the hotel room window

10 August 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR: [07.08.]

While Veronika is in Northern France, I'm spending my free time under the Viennese August-sun! Throughout the day I'm doing an internship at the Austrian Broadcasting Company, but these pictures show you what happens when work is over hehehe :)
The style of my look is of course navy-inspired, which I have a thing for right now. Only thing missing is an anchor tattoo which is never gonna happen :D
I hope for everyone that you're having an awesome summer and if not, that these pics make it a bit more so ;)

sunnies: Ray Ban vintage classics
shirt: Croatian flea-market ;)
shorts: H&M
espadrillos: H&M

7 August 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: "Electra Heart" by Marina and the Diamonds

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While from her first album only “Hollywood” gathered world-wide fame, I hope that with this one, Greek-British singer Marina will have more singles on the radio! Primadonna was not a superhit, but you could hear it from time to time. I guess Marina is just not mainstream enough. Which is good!

Her second album “Electra Heart” matches up to its title. The tunes are even catchier than in the first album, her voice has maintained its incomparable, significant sound and the bass has increased! My personal favorites are the bouncy “Power & Control”, the quiet end-song “Fear and Loathing” and the all-Marina-like “Bubblegum Bitch”.

I can’t help but sing along on the streets while listening to this on my iPod and I don’t have much to criticize as Marina has stayed true to her music-style and even improved her song-writing! A consistently good album! Recommendation from both Veronika and me!



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