29 August 2012


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So what's the hype about a talking vulgar teddy bear all about!? What's so funny about him? Answer: Everything. Convinced by surprisingly good reviews and raving public opinions, I had to go watch the movie after seeing the trailer - twice. Ted's jokes are out-of-this-worldly funny and even the grossest jokes make you laugh unintentionally. Both times, the movie theater hall was in a laugh riot.

I like the original idea about it all and that it's NOT a sequel, triquel, prequel or whatever and I actually think the story works pretty well. The cast is good, beautiful Mila Kunis keeps stunning me over and over again! Ted who has the voice of director and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has all the hearts with him. He can be as vulgar as he wants, it's still cute in some way.

So despite the completely sexist, fecal, racist and who knows what else jokes and the pretty long running time that has the plot dragging pretty badly in the end, this will make you laugh your brains out. (At least it had this effect on Veronika and me, along with the full-packed cinema halls.) There's proof in this statement looking at the boxoffice numbers, making it one of the most successful original movies of 2012!
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  1. It will be out here in a few weeks. I cant wait to see it. Always in the mood for a movie that you don't have to think about too much and just laugh your balls off.

    Great blog; I'm your new follower. <3

    Lots of love; Pauline

  2. i missed this one at the movies, but thank goodness dvds are being released sooner and sooner. can't wait to get together with friends to watch this ridiculous movie :)


  3. Want to see this movie, for Mark and Milla, they're good actors!

  4. I haven't watch it, I think I have too!

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  6. vraiment sympa ton blog =)))

  7. its on my „to-watch“ list, but today I’m going to watch 360°!

    Heartbeats from Vienna Wedekind

    1. ...which is on MY to-watch-soon list!! :))))

  8. Ted was such an entertaining movie! Thought it couldve been better but its probably cause i had too much expectation from macfarlane! :)

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  9. i really want to watch this. i'm not sure, though, if it's been shown here already and i've missed it.


  10. I was seeing Ted and it was amazing! so fun!

    Marc de My Lad Side



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