19 November 2011

PHOTO POST: tour through Scandinavian countries [PART 2] - COPENHAGEN

About a month ago I shared the first part of my summer trip with you, so after Stockholm, it's time for Copenhagen!!
I stayed there for about 2 days and really loved the city so much!!!
When browsing through the photos I realized that I'm so fascinated by the architecture, that I forget to take photos of other smaller things, like food, or cute shops,... I'll keep that in mind for my next trip ^^
There are simply hundreds of photos and it's really hard to make a smaller selection, so I hope you enjoy these :)
Has anyone of you been to Copenhagen? If yes, which sights did you enjoy the most??

the hotel room - wish I could have this kind of wallpaper at home ^^

the biggest fountain in town
these elephants were spread all over town and each one had a unique pattern inspired by an artist or a special art-style

most famous street with cafés, restaurants, bars,...

castle "Rosenborg Slot", it was said to be the "passion house" of the Danish majesty

there were about a 100 of them in the city

shiny crowns :)

they're supposed to be auctioned off, the money going for supporting Asian elephants

the harbor

Christiansborg Slot Castle, today the building where the parliament has its place

Copenhagens stock exchange market building with the characteristic dragon-roof shape

artwork on the fence of a construction site

beautiful ladies on the street ^^ during gay pride weekend in August

hmm... who ever thought caterpillars actually ate bananas :))

the little Mermaid

tivoli - a funpark in Copenhagen, said to be where Walt Disney got his idea for Disney Land!

square in front of the Amalienborg Slot - the residence of the Danish queen

Von Frelsers Church, on the left - the stairs you see around the building can be mounted to get to the very top & on the right - the golden ball from the very top of the church

and the view from up there - simply amazing!!!!

postcards for friends & family! ^^
all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]


  1. a great report grafic of your travel.


  2. such a colorful and beautiful city! no wonder denmark was voted as the happiest country in the world. i'm such a big sucker for elephants and seeing these puts a big smile on my face :) thanks for sharing!

  3. really lovely photos. so colorful and lively!

  4. wow so many so nice photos!
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  5. Vielen Dank für's verfolgen und die lieben Worte. Ich hab mich sehr gefreut. Ich hoffe du schaust bald wieder bei mir vorbei!



  6. This outfit is so amazing! You look beautiful in these colors, you are so beauty!
    I'll be visiting your blog! :*

    xoxo Alexi
    I invite you to visit my blog ;)

  7. beautiful pictures!

    following you, hope you follow me back ;)


  8. Looks like you've had loads of fun! I've never been to Copenhagen, maybe I'll visit...

    Fashion Dawgs

  9. OK, booking my flight to Copenhagen...NOW!!! These photos are so beautiful!!!!

    Love love love your blog! Following you now on Google Connect and hope you can share back the love by visiting my blog as well...Following me wouldn't hurt too...it'll make me happy :)

    Much love from Canada~

  10. love it!!!


  11. очень красиво)
    слоники великолепны)

  12. sieht echt schön aus :) und so leicht bekleidet gehe ich nur für 5 minütige photoshoots raus, sonst würde ich erfrieren! //dariadaria

  13. I kind of fell in love with your blog, the photos are quite amazing!!
    Following ;)


  14. love your pictures!!! check out my blog for a giveaway!


  15. supergorgeous protographs as always!!xo



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