7 October 2011

PHOTO POST: lazy sundays

With Sundays there's always some kind of unpleasant feeling - the fact that it's going to be Monday tomorrow again is always in the back of your head... Maybe it's still the memory of that feeling you used to have when you went to school: you had to finish all of the undone homework for next week and even though you had the day off, you still have to go to sleep early... :D
But last week Felix and I met up with friends on Sunday and the day turned out really fun! :) So the best recipe against Sunday-blues -> just plan some fun things to do!! ;)

First stop of the day at the "Café Korb" - for coffee & a warm apple strudel ^^

I'm more of a tea-person :)

another café - "Delia's" - just across the street

it's crazy how you take the beauty of a city for granted when you see it every day

a tour around Vienna in a horse-drawn carriage - I'd love to do that some time again

architecture in Vienna

next thing planned -  visiting the "Westlicht Photo Gallery" to see the "World Press Photo 2010" exhibition - Felix & Lilli

one of the shocking photos out of the sports section
found Felix's style look-alike - both wearing yellow :D (that guy was just some random visitor)

you could see all of the winning photos of the past years here
the building of the photo gallery from the outside

my favourite photo at the exhibition - a russian sailor :)

next stop - "freiraum" - a mixture between a bar/ restaurant/ café

the interior there is amazing

yummy food & drinks ^^

combinations of red

all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]


  1. Great shots!!
    it all looks fun!


  2. beautful pics.


  3. вы с Феликсом - красавчики)

  4. Liebe Veronika,

    dass ihr euren Blog zusammen führt, ist ja so unglaublich cool! Das ist echt eine super Idee - I'll follow you guys :)

    Liebe Grüße nach Wien!!!

    PS: tolle Haare :)



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