26 October 2011

PHOTO POST: style admiration

Louise Roe - I'm practically in love with her and her style!! ^^
I first saw her on the show "Plain Jane" and was blown away by the way she always looked. Of course, you could say that it's not such a great accomplishment, as she has numerous stylists buzzing around her, making her look perfect before capturing it all on film. But even in real life she looks just as insanely gorgeous and she can pull off pretty much any kind of look.
So just to summarize it, she's a TV presenter, a model and a fashion journalist. Oh right, and to top it all off, she's got a British accent.
So, just have a look for yourself - this girl is amazing!!! :)

it's all about striking colours - combining a glossy wine red with mandarine-orange

bold colours and bold shapes of the garments

managing to look stylish even when it's cold outside - adding up the layers and staying with the colours

never afraid of experimenting - perfect combination of a daring dress with few accessoires
love her for staying real and actually re-using accessoires like a normal human being (same bag on 2nd photo)

seems to be a British thing - wearing open-toed shoes while it's freezing outside ^^

she can rock flare-legged jeans just as much as sexy little dresses

one of the items you can see really often on her - dresses with colourful patterns

rocking her signature heels - sky high and always with a platform

and maybe you've noticed - the pose she usually has - one leg crossed over the other (maybe it has a slimming effect? ^^)



  1. I love her too !
    Her show "Plain Jane" is nice but sometimes stupid. She broadcast happiness to everyone!!
    The firs time I saw her was on The City :)


  2. Wo0ow! this girl has a lot of style!

    I can see many wonderful outfits from her on your post!

    I relly like it!

    kiss from Barcelona*


  3. wowwww, i like so much the pics. many of these are great


  4. i don't know who she is, but i do like her style! it's funky and colorful in a very tasteful way. i love her in pic no. 4. the leather jacket, the dress and the beanie are a great combo.

  5. she's a very classy and chic lady! always enjoy watching her;)

  6. I love this, your posts are always great, I love to follow!
    Please see mine :)


  7. im out of life.. but what "plane Jane " is it?

    she is gorgeous)

    1. it's a styling show on MTV, where she helps girls get a makeover to make the guy of their dreams notice them ^^



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