6 October 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: "Ritual" by The White Lies

photo source: [gazax.info]
The first album of the British indie-alternative band White Lies might not have been in the international album charts, but songs like “To Lose My Life”, “Unfinished Business”, “Death” and “E.S.T.” have become quite popular, be it on youtube or on several successful TV shows. The good news is: Their new album Ritual is even better than their first one.

The style is very consistent, however, after listening to the album for the second time no song will sound similar to another anymore, which is a major achievement! Therefore, the album is very harmonious but never gets boring as it provides really good melodies and every song boasts of a really great energy.
I won’t mention every song specifically as they’re all equally good, but maybe if you want to know the underdogs of the album, I’d pick “Streetlights” and “Come Down”. The rest is simply amazing. An alternative rock album with awesome melodies and one of my favorite albums of recent times.



  1. love this feature on your blog! white lies are not well known in the states, but luckily i can listen to european radio.
    sometimes i feel like this place is lightyears behind when it comes to music.

  2. great review!xx




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