21 October 2011


photo source: [audiocred.com]
YEEEEEEYYYYYYY the new Coldplay album is FINALLY HERE! Coldplay is definitely one of Veronika’s and my favorite bands and me, I personally regard them as THE musical band of the 2000s! Their previous albums have all been on the edge of perfect (with Viva La Vida-the album-being the top of the crop if you ask me) so the expectations are sky-high!
 I’ve only listened to the album once, but I wanted to write a review already always trying to be up-to-date J The first single of the album, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”, was highly disappointing and I still regard it as one of the album’s worst 3 songs. The second single was way better already, “Paradise”. It gives you the typical Coldplay feeling.
Listening to the CD, I got a bit scared as the beginning with the first few songs in no way blew my mind. However, starting with “Major Minus”, almost every single song ‘til the end of the album (consisting of 14 tracks) manages to make a mark and move. Let’s see how the album develops in the process of listening to it. May be getting better and better, just like Viva La Vida.

My favorites: Hurts Like Heaven, Major Minus, UFO & Princess China (collaboration with Rihanna!) 
As for now: 


  1. even before i read your review i was thinking of buying the album... so excited to heart the new tunes! coldplay has been on my playlist for 10 years and i'll continue to listen for many more, hopefully.

  2. Oh that's the greatest dissapointment of this year for me. I totally missed the moment when Coldplay became such a pop-musicians.



  3. my first concert was Coldplay! Chris Martin was amazing!

    love from San Francisco,



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