19 March 2012

PHOTO POST: weekend furriness

Here's a little recap of the weekend - the weather being amazing, a visit to the zoo seemed the perfect thing to do! ^^ Every time I go there, and it doesn't happen too often, so that's probably what makes it feel special every time, I get excited with anticipation about all the furry cuteness. And yes, take a look at those penguins, even they're furry too!!! :)
And there's a book that I would love to recommend to you - "The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, which has become one of my favorite ones. What made me think of it was seeing those little tigers, with one of them playing a main role in the story. Especially this quote still stayed memorable in my mind: 
"Do zoos incarcerate animals in confined spaces and make them miserable? Pi doesn't think so: 'Certain illusions about freedom tempt us to jump to this conclusion. In actuality, an animal's life in the wild is more circumscribed than 'knight on a chessboard'. Predaror-prey relationships restrict the animal's movement. A zoo enclosure is actually more like a hearth for an animal: a place of comfort and rest.' "
It's a beautiful and touching tale, so if you're feeling bored, grab a copy and see if you like it as much as I did! ;) Has any one of you read it before?

these are actually chickens, who would have thought that they can be sweet and cuddly too? :)

a beautiful sky at the end of a beautiful day


  1. cool fotos
    chickens are the best :)

  2. omg this is so so cute!
    im lovin ur blog! guess who ur newest follower is?

    Ginger and Lace

  3. Are these actually chickens? I didn't even recognized these animals at first.

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  4. Great photos! Nice blog:)
    Thank for a comment on our blog♥

  5. omg this makes me want to visit the zoo! It looks so good :)



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