17 July 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: "Last Night" (2010)

This was just a really, really beautiful movie. The story begins at a party where Joanna (Keira Knightley) sees her husband’s coworker, the gorgeous Laura (Eva Mendes), and suspects them of having an affair. At home the conversation ends up in a fight and the next day Michael, Joanna’s husband (Sam Worthington), heads out on a business trip with Laura. At the same time Joanna surprisingly meets an old friend and a past love of hers, Alex (Guillaume Canet), whom she used to be in an on-off relationship before marrying. The story is told from two locations, Michael on his business trip in Philadelphia, and Joanna spending her day in New York. I wouldn’t want to reveal any more details about the story, as only in the movie, can it be told and shown in the perfect way.
This was one of the best movies I have seen in the past few months and I can probably only find things that I could praise about it.
First, the actors: Keira is simply a goddess, I adore her! Looking beautiful in the movie and her acting was just as perfect as always. I loved the actor of her long-time friend, Alex (Guillaume Canet), especially his French accent and the fact that he is a writer living in Paris :) Eva Mendes fit perfectly into the cast and her role as well. And Joanna’s husband, Michael, even though I haven’t seen him in any other movies before, completed the group of 4 main actors really well.
Second, the story-telling and all the little details around it: The shooting locations seemed carefully chosen, the music was mesmerizing and used at the best moments. The whole atmosphere created was very intimate, enveloping you emotionally into the story. I even think the ending couldn’t have been done any better, even though I have read critique about that from some people, who have seen the movie as well.

Third, simply the general impression: I can surely say that “Last Night” will be counted as one of my favorite movies. It’s possible that you need to be in a relationship, or at least have been in one, to form that emotional bond with the characters. It is the question, “Will my partner stay faithful and love me enough, to be able to resist the temptation of a beautiful woman being around him and not giving in to his actual desires?” portrayed in a cinematographically amazing way. I would recommend this movie to anyone who feels like watching a story with great acting and heart-felt emotions!

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  1. you did not see "AVATAR"?
    Sam has the main role in this movie)
    and a lot more)))

    самое прекрасное в этом фильме.. что отношение показаны с такой чувственностью.. так реально.. как главные герои Джоанна и ее муж чувствуют друг друга.. и конец фильма..
    я думаю они все друг другу рассказали и остались вместе) они и так 7 лет вместе.. они лучше друзья.. а это многое значит.



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