18 February 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: "The Artist"

10 Academy Award nominations for „The Artist“. Comes as no surprise. This movie has gathered tremendous appreciation from critics of practically all award functions and on several movie websites it is regarded as the best movie of 2011. Well normally, silent movies are not really my kind of thing, to be all honest, and so are black and white movies.

However, I gave the film a chance and it convinced me! Winning Best Actor and Best Soundtrack, I have to agree these are the two strong assets! The music has the potential to turn into a classic and the performance of all of the actors, but especially Jean Dujardin, are absolutely stunning. “The Artist” is such an authentic silent movie that you just notice the director’s big love for them! Also the comedic timing comes across very naturally and there are some satirical jokes that work perfectly.

Even though the story is quite touching, especially towards the end, it is far from innovating or new and quite predictable. In fact, it is one of the most predictable movies I have seen in a long time, which takes away some of the excitement throughout the whole film.

However, with great music, superb cinematography, brilliant acting performances and some scenes that just enlighten your mood in a very pleasant way, I can give this movie 4 stars. That doesn’t make it the best movie of the year, but it deserves the Oscar next week and I will be happy for the producers, should it indeed receive it, (which I assume strongly!).

images via: [carolgrayson-darkromance.blogspot.com], [moviepilot.de] & [redcarpetreports.de]


  1. Just discovered your blog - very nice!!!


  2. The actor is gorgeous! lol I have a weak spot for French men.





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