30 May 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: "Happy To You" by Miike Snow

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I’ve known Miike Snow for quite a long time, always being responsible for some touching moments in Gossip Girl ;). His hit “Animal” is known by quite everyone, however, the Swedish band is rather in the alternative segment of our music industry.

His new album is a complete success, I absolutely love it! The first singles “Wave” and “Paddling Out" are fantastic, and are two of the best songs from the album. Even their remixes are awesome, which I regard as highly unusual! Other highlights are “Bavarian#1“, “Pretender” and a collaboration with Lykke Li “Black Tin Box”.

Miike Snow stays true to his style and creates a very catchy album with songs you can listen to a thousand times, they won’t get on your nerves. Even though, they don’t all stay in your memory, it’s the perfect background music for various situations. Go for the Deluxe Version!


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I've seen them live a few days ago! It was amazing concert :)

    1. AH!! I envy you so much!!! -.-



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