24 September 2011

BOOK REVIEW: "The Pact" - Jodie Picoult

photo source: [jodipicoult.com]
After watching “My Sister’s Keeper” in the cinema, I was eager to read a novel by Jodie Picoult as it turned out to be one of my favourite movies. I chose “The Pact”. The story centers on two closely befriended families whose son and daughter Chris and Emily (both 17) have been a couple ever since until one day, however, the girl commits suicide. Chris being with her during this event, he is of course suspected to have murdered her.
The story itself is very touching, even though you only get to know on the last few pages what really happened on the day of Emily departure. The story is brought to the reader on two different levels: the whole past of Chris and Emily and the history of their relationship and the present with the consequences of Emily’s death for Chris, Emily’s parents and the inevitable war between the two families who have been friends for so long. The most important aspect of the plot, however, is the process of the case in court on the last 200 of the 600 pages.

Until you reach those last 200 pages, you have to struggle to keep up your interest as some actions of certain characters are quite questionable and make certain parts of the book somehow not really compelling. The bits and pieces told from the two young people’s past fail to always make a mark, as well.
However, in the end when the whole story is clear it is actually really moving, if not heartbreaking. Things make sense that didn’t make any before and you can’t but feel with the main characters. The message is really well presented compensating for the not so absorbing middle part of the book. 

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