24 September 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: "Bridesmaids“

“Bridesmaids” was one of the medium-budget surprise hits of this summer. The trailer managed to make it a very successful fare in the United States, and it also drew me to the cinema to watch it.
First of all, the movie manages to live up to what everyone seemed to expect from it: to be hilarious.
It is a laugh riot and it won’t let you sit on your chair calmly and quietly. Everyone managing to remain serious and unsmiling, even to not laugh out loud even thrice, should seek professional help. The main actress and writer at the same time Kristen Wiig has the funniest sarcastic humor as does the rest of the cast members. The mood in the entire movie theater was fantastic.

Unfortunately, the movie has got some lengths in its second hour, normally comedies are not supposed to be 2 hours long. However, with the amount of jokes and slapstick humor the audience is fed with, this flaw may be excused. Furthermore, though, some of the jokes cross the line of bearableness in terms of grossness and disgust.

However, I’m glad one comedy dared to be different from others and bring up an exceptionally funny and weird humor (in a positive sense!), one you don’t get to see from Hollywood productions that often!  

photo sources: [teaser-trailer.com], [onlinemovieshut.com], [poptower.com]  &  [daemonsmovies.com]


  1. i only heard the best about this movie. haven't seen it yet, but i'm looking forward picking up the dvd tomorrow!

  2. great film


  3. So many people talk about that movie of how great it is! cant wait to see it!


  4. Veronika, thank you for all the nice comments!! I did not know that Mila Kunis was from Ukraine..that is amazing!! My mom is also from Ukraine, i have never visited but would love to some day. I speak Ukrainian but do not write it, i wish we could talk to eachother in Ukrainian! keep in touch! and as i said before, great blog!!


    steph xo



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