3 January 2012

PHOTO POST: happy new year - 2012!

Wishing all of our readers and followers a happy and a bit belated New Year!!!! :)
Hope you had a great celebration and have started off the first few days of 2012 well!
Here are a few photos from the New Year's party at Felix's place where we celebrated with close friends! Since most of the ones we celebrated with (not me included! :DD) are not huge fans of the whole hype around the step into the New Year, we decided to keep everything quite small. It turned out to be a really fun night, with games being played, champagne being drunk (check out those fancy-vintage glasses ^^), lead being melted into weird figures and cookie-fish being eaten. Just a perfect night!! :)

starting off with a bottle of "Café de Paris" champagne

time until midnight spent dancing ^^

after midnight - the lead melting begins!!

Anna's turned out like a boat and it's supposed to stand for an upcoming trip

mine probably looks like a bow and supposedly stands for safety & protection

all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]


  1. you look so beautifulll.....
    the dress is great


  2. cute pictures!
    Happy New Year!

  3. харошики вы))

    а что это вы растапливали? это типа гадание?

    я смотрю все в черном встречи НГ) я тоже

  4. that's exactly what we did as well. intimate group of friends, lots of food of course and games. there's nothing better than that if you ask me :)

    wishing you a very happy new year filled with a lots of love, laughter and fun!

  5. ¡Happy New Year, Felix and Veronika! Such an incredible photos...

    XO. Jose Galiana.

  6. thanks to everyone!! :)
    растапливали маленькие кусочки свинца из которых после того как жидкость сливаешь в воду получаются разные фигурки - а по ним потом и гадают ^^

  7. Many thanks for the visit and comment on my blog! Happy New Year!

  8. thats really intresting how you do lead melting on new years, I've never done that before! I would love to try! you all look so happy! happy new years!

    <3 zoe



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