11 January 2012

PHOTO POST: London in winter

Just a few days before Christmas I took a little weekend trip to London. The purpose of it was to do some shopping as well as sightseeing and most importantly to get into the holiday seasons mood, since it was almost impossible due to the weather in Vienna. All goals were perfectly met: there were already quite a few sales around and I got my main Christmas present there, which you will probably see in one of the next posts; sightseeing was done too, the first & last time I visited London was 10 years ago so it was nice to see the most important sights once again; and the Christmas mood there was simply infective - lights and decorations everywhere, Christmas songs being played in all the shopping malls - it was a whole city turned into a Winter Wonderland!!
Here are some photos from the trip, hope you enjoy them!
Have you ever been to London? If yes, what are your favorite things to do and see there?

just after arriving at the hotel, the first happened to be at a delicious sushi restaurant!

and the interior was simply amazing, just have a look at that humongous disco ball! ^^

wild berries with a mixture of yoghurt and white chocolate for desert - yumm!! :)

the following walk through the city - everything was just breathtakingly beautiful!!

all the lights and decorations, I sucked in all of the holiday spirit in London to bring some back to Vienna ^^
touristy sightseeing was also included in the plan

from the Big Ben until the Buckingham palace

in the park right in front of the gates of the Buckingham palace I was chasing some squirrels to get a picture of how one was trying to hide a nut by digging it into the ground ^^

these shoes bought there in London were a life savior, the only possible thing to wear for endless hours of wandering around the city 

this is just a little comparison after I found the photo from my first visit to London, 10 years ago, each time in front of the gates of the Buckingham palace

busy streets of London and I just couldn't get enough of those double-decker busses ^^

here the view from out of a window of what has become the favourite place for grabbing a spack during the day

Paul's Café with all of its yummy sandwiches, stews, soups and all kinds of variations of coffee & tea 

at the shopping mall, I was once again fascinated by all the amazing lights & decorations for Christmas

and a discovery of a shop with unusual shoes was made!

I would love to have those mannequins - perfect for outfit details posts! :)

a visit of the M&M's store was almost compulsory ^^ as there are only about 4 shops in the whole world, in London and the other 3 in the US

so if you're ever missing the Christmas spirit, London is exactly the right city for that! :)

 all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]


  1. I ve never beeen in london, but i want. and more with these pics....seeing this beautiful pics of the city create on me more wanted to go...


  2. oh wie schön, das sieht wirklich nach einem tollen trip aus! mein freund hat mir im sommer zum geburtstag auch einen trip nach london geschenkt und ich muss unbedingt bald wieder hin! //dariadaria

  3. you have such a lovely blog!


  4. You look really beautiful and stylish! :) Loved this post.. And you have a nice blog.. Check my blog too, I'm sure you'll like my style :) I'll be waiting for you :)


  5. amazing photos - fabulous! :)
    I want too go to London! ^^

    thank U so much! :* :)
    now I feel I have the hair ;) :D

  6. i wish i could just hop on a plane and be in england in a matter of few hours! we're so cut off here from all the beauty europe has to offer.

    that photo of you when you were younger is super sweet!

  7. Great photos! I'm going to London this summer, this got me even more excited!! nice blog :)

  8. Great photos. I love the colors and the mood that you captured.

  9. These photos are gorgeous! Really nice post, I like it!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Win an amazing dress by entering the Free People giveaway on my blog!


    How lucky you were!!! This wenter we visited Lisbon!!

    Wherever the Sunset is

  11. so jealous! i wan't to visit london too! and NEVER LEAVE <3


  12. What a gorgeous city, great pictures!


  13. danke für deine lieben kommentare!! deine londonbilder sind aber auch wirklich schön geworden. da will ich gleich wieder zurück!! das männermodel auf dem letzten bild ist francisco lachowski :)

    liebste grüße

  14. great photos! i can definitely feel the vibe.




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