30 November 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: "Coexist" by The xx

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My favorite bands keep failing to make their second albums better than their debut ones. (see: Passion Pit, Mew...) Why is that. I admire the xx. Their first album is one of my favorite ones in the history of Felixen's favorite albums! Almost every song of their debut album tells a story for me such as "Islands", "Synchronized", "VCR" and "Night Time".

This time things're looking different. The debut single "Angels" took me by storm. Loved it from the first listening on and couldn't wait for the album. But OH no :( What a disappointment. Yes, I love the style and sound. It's awesomely atmospheric again but where's the recognition value? "Reunion" and "Swept Away" are amazing but the rest of the songs kind of get lost in a minimal monotone sound that the xx have obviously chosen for their new outing.

Of course, with every listening the songs get better but "Coexist" does kind of sound like a 1-hour-song. As I am 100% loyal to the xx, though, I have downloaded the album and am listening to it and when it suits the mood it's perfect.

However: I want another First Album by them. Let's make the third album better than the first AND the second one, okay?! Please.


  1. This is one of my favorite bands too, but I think the same... I want something like the first album!

  2. it's a great band


  3. I love The xx <3 Going to check the album as soon as possible. Thanks for the review =)

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  5. Nice photos ! You all look so stylish and beautiful ;)




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