9 November 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: „The Hunger Games“

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I’ve finally seen it. In the U.S. the movie was the 12th most successful of all times. (Without inflation rate.) Well, that is certainly something. Based on the highly popular book trilogy, “The Hunger Games” already had a huge fanbase and this fanbase is exactly the people that use the medium of cinema the most excessively these days, (see Twilight).

The plot of the movie is totally capturing, I wasn’t bored for a second, despite a running length of almost 2 ½ hours. The audience is led through the story very well, the events seem to be brought to screen quite accurately. The characters are very well developed, and the acting is superb. Jennifer Lawrence is wonderful as the main lead, but also Josh Hutcherson, Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks etc. play their parts with commitment.

Negative points about this movie are difficult to discuss in such a short text. First there are some logical questions that are bound to come up with this kind of material, but secondly there are some aspects regarding the credibility of it all. 

The real highlight about “The Hunger Games” is this eerie atmosphere, this excitement that is built up cleverly and that keeps you glued to the screen. The movie has a great pace and the cinematography pleases the viewers from beginning until the end. Maybe I’ll even read the second part, but I’ll definitely watch it!


  1. I finally got around to watching this movie too! I watched it this weekend actually after I got it in the mail with my Blockbuster @Home package through DISH. I did know what to expect though, since I made sure to borrow the book from my coworker at DISH first. I enjoyed both, but if I had to choose, I'd say the book was better. I just enjoyed reading the thoughts of Katniss more than watching it. I did really love watching the movie in Blu-ray though. I made sure to rent it in that format too, because I knew the quality would look amazing. I was right too, and give huge props to those behind the scenes! :)

    1. I think I might read the second and third part of the book... at least, that's what everyone is advising me to do ;)

  2. i love this film!


  3. I haven't watched the movie yet. I read the first book, my friend bought it to me for my birthday long before the movie even started to film. I did see the trailer and the first minutes of it, but I prefer the book :)
    Filipa from www.ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

  4. I like this film!!! Not bad!
    Baci, Denis.


  5. my niece finished the three books in two days. she convinced me to see the movie if i didn't want to read the book.

  6. Hi there , hmmm , I heard so much good about hunger games book , like almost perfection , even thought that I never read the book ( regret it now ) , I disliked the movie , just didn't like it at all , was very disappointed ..
    But yes , I agree it was something so different , well , hopefully it will never happen in reality ..

  7. hi zusammen,
    vielen Dank fürs vorbeischauen:)
    Ich habe es noch nicht gesehen, hatte letzte zeit auch nur pech mit movies, ich war oft enttauscht...Ich werde hunger games bald anschauen! schönes review! Ich mag eure movies posts sehr!



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