19 January 2013

BOOK REVIEW: „Before I Go To Sleep“ by S. J. Watson

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I bought this intriguing sounding book in New York at Barnes & Noble and finished it within 3-4 hours (unusual for me!). Its plot had me from the beginning onwards and didn’t leave my thoughts. 

After an accident, a 47-year-old married woman wakes up every day with a deleted memory and has only her little notebook to check who she is and where she’s at in her life, at the moment. But how true is the content of the notebook really?! And what was the accident really all about? Time after time, her memory returns…

The writing style of the book has the right pace. It’s not about details here but about getting further in the events. The structure is such that putting the book away is made impossible, very Dan Brown-like!

However, the “50 Shades” syndrome can be found in “Before I Go To Sleep” as well – it’s not even THAT good; neither are the characters nor the credibility but you simply don’t care and that’s okay I guess. So grab an exciting easy reading book that is definitely thrilling, has shocking moments, a superb pace and some interesting plot aspects, but lacks some originality.


  1. I really like these reviews you do... you seem very unbiased and I trust your opinion. Lovely blog!


  2. thanks a lot for this review. Now I look in the other way on this book. xx

  3. it look interesting ^^ maybe I will read it :]
    btw. good review.


  4. Thanks for this review, I am looking for new books to read as well ! Love this kind of writings.

  5. Omg, what was the accident! I'm seriously about to look up spoilers! ha!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know so I can follow you back!


  6. it looks good, but I don't like reading..



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