6 January 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: "Cloud Atlas"

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A movie that dares to be completely different from what you’ve seen. From the makers of Matrix, it does remind you at some point of the futuristic blockbuster. However, the six interwoven stories that build up this special experience of cinema are something new for everyone.

Based on the novel of the same name, the story centers around individualists; people who try to make a change. In how far the stories are connected, that you have to find out throughout the movie which makes it an event almost equally exciting and challenging as “Inception”, one of my favorite movies of all times.

The acting performances are absolutely outstanding. I don’t want to spoil why, as you know only by the time the end credits appear, what has really been behind those weird characters that have been introduced to you. The contents amazed me in every single way. Thrilling, touching, making your heart race. For those who have seen the film: I thought the best story was the Seoul-future-story and the 70ies-complott-story. Those who didn’t work as well were the future-village-story as well as the 19th-century-sailor-story. 

I don’t want to complain on a high level, as Tom Tykwer made this German production an absolute cinema highlight of the year. Warning: THIS IS NOT for everyone. You like it or you hate it. I adored it.



  1. maybe i have to take a look


  2. I wanted to see this movie yesterday, but I didn't find tickets :(

    Hope I can see it next weekend, cool review, I've heard a lot of positive comments!

    Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog!

  3. Lovely Post and lovely blog ♥
    I follow you!


  4. haven't seen the movie. not sure if it was shown here already and i missed it.




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