31 March 2013

ALBUM REVIEW: "Halcyon" by Ellie Goulding

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since her first album came out which I thought was absolutely incredible with songs like “Guns And Horses”, “Starry Eyed” and “Every Time You Go”. Looking forward to her concert on April 25th, here’s a review of what I think about Ellie Goulding’s second outing!

The first song “Don’t Say A Word” seems like an intro song to me as it lacks a chorus. It doesn’t really stay in mind. “My Blood” is already the highlight of the album – what an extraordinary track you just can’t get it out of your head. “Anything Could Happen” might be the most popular song, I hear it in commercials and TV-shows ALL the time! Its mood is quite catchy. “Only You” is certainly not my favorite, as I think it comes across quite annoying, though it improves with time. The title track “Halcyon” is what I expect from an Ellie Goulding album; breathtaking. “Figure 8” is the last highlight, a dub-step sounding song that completely manages to get your body shakin’.

“Joy”, “Explosions” and “Hanging On” have nice melodies, but you forget about them easily. “Atlantis” is cool, having an unusual edge to it, the last one “Dead In The Water” is pleasant to listen to. I’m not incredibly impressed by Ellie Goulding’s second one, as the first one was so path-breaking. She certainly stayed true to her style and tries out new things in terms of sound and voice-mixing and still, all songs are nice to listen to, but “Halcyon” in general is less groovy and lacks a chartbuster like “Lights”! Can’t wait for the concert though and, hey, it’s still Ellie Goulding!



  1. there's songs I *love* on here but others nowhere as much.
    'Anything Could Happen' raised my hopes very high. I do
    love how innovative 'Figure 8' sounds (esp the breakdown
    bit at the end) definitley like this direction. I agree MY BLOOD
    is amazing.

  2. I'm so so so in love with Ellie! Figure 8 and "My Blood" are just masterpieces, we have the same taste ;) I also talked about her on a post I did a few months ago > http://lestrendykids.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/my-2012-in-music.html


  3. nice post


  4. I like Ellie Goulding as well! Good post! Starry Eyed is definitely one of my favorites, I have yet to download her newest album and now I am even more convinced to do so! I am glad she is finally gaining the notoriety she deserves!


  5. Great blog!! love it!!


  6. I liek the originality of your blog!
    It is very authentic, you can be proud of yourself :)


  7. nice review. I love Ellie Goulding so much. This album is awesome, of course. But I prefer the deluxe edition.
    My favorite tracks are Figure8 and Explosions.

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