17 March 2013

PHOTO POST: hair care

Today more of a beauty & product related post as I often get asked about my hair care routine. While being on a pretty much constant search for THE perfect shampoo or THE perfect hair oil & always listening to suggestions from friends, I have been sticking to these three essential products for a long time already.

The first two, a shampoo and a hair oil, are from the "orofluido" series. I've discovered them by chance through a friend (who's site you can check out here if you're interested :) hairandcosmetic.de) and have pretty much instantly fallen in love with them!! These have become my trustworthy companions ever since for leaving my hair shiny & feeling soft! :) I'm already on my second bottle of the hair oil & am amazed that it actually lasted for more than half a year, justifying it being a bit pricey, which I was surprised about at first.

The third product - a "redken" hairstyling spray - comes into action when I decide to do something different once in a while. Usually I stick to quickly blowdrying my hair, leaving them naturally straight for everyday looks. This little helper comes in handy when I decide to invest a bit more time into some curls or waves, like you see them on the photos here. Not sure if these sprays really make a difference or not, but at least they take off some guilt from torturing my hair from time to time :D


  1. I love Redken as well! Nice post.

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  3. Your hair is very beautiful! And the tips are awesome I will do some I dont care if this is only for ladies hahaa

  4. These products look useful and your hair is very beautiful :)

  5. Hi. I follow Your blog via Bloglovin You are cute girl with such a lovely beauty. Hope You'll get a chance to see my world too.




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