20 August 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: „Where We Are“ by Mackintosh Braun

photo source: atlanticrecords.com

Once again, a band I came to know through Grey’s Anatomy (however, also appearing on Gossip Girl) and, behold, probably one of the best albums in the year of 2010. I’m really fond of their calm-electronic style and their melodies as well as the attempt at a bit of a modern 80s revival. Not one single song fails to convince and entertain from the first to the last second.

The most popular song seems to be “Made For Us”, having appeared in plenty of TV shows and movies already. However, songs like “Unfortunate”, “Familiar” and “I Won’t Fall” are as stunning while “Nothing Else Is Real” and “Line In The Sand” bring a bit of a dance sound into the melancholic album. The only song I regard as inferior to the others might be “Frozen”, in another album it would be the best out of the lot though.
I’m certain this latest offer by the promising Mackintosh Braun has something in store for everyone and brings us the best chill-out and lounge sound there is at the moment.

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  1. Thanks for the introduction! Loving made for us. xx



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