14 August 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: "Crazy. Stupid. Love."

There’s nothing better than star-studded rom-coms about the simple topic of love! (Exception: Valentine’s Day.) Here’s the best example: My expectations were more than met! The movie is about a man in his mid 40s with a nerdy outer appearance whose wife wants a divorce from him. To push up his manhood, a popular womanizer helps him to become one himself.

What’s special about this movie is that every single scene makes you laugh in a really charming way. There are tons and tons of hilarious sayings brought across by the fabulous star-cast around Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone. Furthermore, there is (almost) no Hollywood-like mediocrity here, disregarding the cheesy final in the school gym-hall.

So I’m glad to see these really funny comedies flowing out of Hollywood this summer, be it Bridesmaids or Crazy Stupid Love, the atmosphere in the cinema was filled with laughter and enjoyment in both cases! Go see! (P.S. Mind Ryan Goslings suits and brand clothing -> it’s awesome!!!)

photo sources: [thereelbits.com], [movies.mtv.de] & [moviepilot.de]


  1. Nice post!!!
    I'm following you! And you, can you follow each other? :)


  2. i actually don't know if this has been shown in the cinemas here already. haven't watched it yet.


  3. Привет! Я тебя добавила, твой концепт очень нравится тоже а то надоели блоги про ничего! молодец! Добавляй меня и будем следить за всем интересным.


  4. I've heard a lot of good reviews about this movie. The cast surely is amazing. I can't wait to watch it now!



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