4 August 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: "Behold" by Mads Langer

photo source: [forum.warez.ir]
 Here comes a recommendation for a very calm-natured singer-songwriter album with some good melodies and nice sounds. Mads Langer from Denmark is not known to the masses yet as his first radio single was just released a month ago and is being played on the radio just now. Some might know him, though, for appearances of some of his songs in certain drama TV shows (such as Grey’s Anatomy or The Vampire Diaries).

The album starts out with “I’m Leaving”, one of the most melodious and therefore best songs on the album that charms you with its very pleasant chorus. What follows is unfortunately the “down-phase” of the album with the next 4 songs needing a few listenings to be able to convince. They seem to be a bit too slow, too quiet, too calm to convince instantly.

However, afterwards there’s the big relief with every single song but one being really beautiful and endearing. Highlights are “You’re Not Alone” and “Remains of the Day” (first of which being the said first single of Mads Langer), but even “Drunken Butterfly”, “Last Flower” and “I Love You” have very well composed choruses. The iTunes Bonus Track “Better Place” is actually the last highlight and also the last song, making the album close on a very good note.

So all in all, had the first few songs been a bit catchier, the album would have turned out really well, however, the second half of the album ensures some very nice and pleasant listening and an enjoyable background music for this summer.

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