3 August 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II“

So it’s finally here. I’ve read each and every book in English and German and seen every single movie in the movie theatre on its opening weekend. However, I have to confess that the hype around the Harry Potter movies didn’t really get me after the last book was released and finished reading, as I marked the end of the seventh book as the end of my personal hype around Harry Potter (not on purpose, it just was like that).

The first part of the Harry Potter Part 7 movies managed to capture me with some good music, nice scenes with the three main actors and a very truthful and coherent screenplay (I would give it 4 stars.) At the beginning of the second part I was very doubtful whether it could match my expectations which were evoked by the first one.

But here it comes: Yes, it more than matched my expectations and I was extremely pleased with the atmosphere created in the movie. Of course, the magic that the first few films had is kind of lost in all the action scenes and the dramatic apocalyptic plot, but in exchange we get a very mature, moving and epic movie that is worth being the last part of the most money-spinning movie franchise ever.

Once again, the music by Alexandre Desplat was more than convincing, the screenplay was very tight and therefore capturing and the actors played in a very dignified way (Ron and Hermoine though hardly got any dialogues, unfortunately).

Therefore, all in all, even though it seems that the first priority of the makers were the 3D scenes and the big battles, the story has enough essence and moving moments in it to entertain us over more than two hours and feel quite nostalgic in the end. Good bye, Harry Potter!  

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