13 December 2011

BEAUTY REVIEW: Glossybox December 2011

Today I have received my first Glossybox!! :)

I have read about it on lots of beauty-blogs and luckily I found out that it's going to appear here in Austria as well, so the December one is actually the first one in Austria. If you want to know more about the concept, you can read about it on the glossybox homepage - glossybox austria (as far as I know it's also available in Germany, in the UK and it's soon going to be available in the USA as well).

Just to summarize it shortly - the concept behind "glossybox" is that every month you get a pretty little box with samples of beauty products (called luxury samples - which are bigger than the ones you usually get in addition to your purchase of beauty products)  from expensive brands. It costs 10€ per month and the added up value of the products included is usually much higher. The original prices of the products are written on a description paper, so I calculated the prices for the sample sizes - all together this box is actually worth 47€!

I'll just go ahead and show you what I got, with the whole unpacking process included ;)
What do you think of the products?

how the glossybox appeared in my postbox, even the outer packaging is pretty

taking a peek at what's inside

another cute box inside as well - perfect to be reused, for storing make-up, jewellery, ... ^^

the packaging inside - kept in a christmasy theme

5 different products inside

a description of everything that you can find inside

1) Maria Galland - Hydra Lift Yeux 100
2) Paul Mitchell - Awapuhi Shampoo
3) Valentino - Valentina (Eau de Parfum)
4) Babor - Glossy Liplite
5) Biotherm - Biosource Eau Auto-Moussante

the packaging of № 1) - the eye cream

№ 1) an eye cream which can be used to prevent aging of the skin area, against swelling and against dark circles under the eyes. Can be used in the morning and in the evening
I needed some kind of eye cream so perfect timing to try out this one!!

original size: 15ml (45€), size here: 5ml (15€)

№ 2) Paul Mitchell - Awapuhi Shampoo
A luxuriuous shampoo with Awapuhi extracts prevents the loss of moisture of your hair, cleanses it and adds volume.
Doesn't sound too bad... :) I've heard a lot about the Paul Mitchell products but they still were a bit too expensive for me to change from my beloved "Herbal Essences" ones, so I'll try it out and see if it's worth its value

original size: 300ml (16,25€), size here: 50ml (2,70€)

№ 3) my favourite piece - a miniature version of the "Valentina" perfume by Valentino

№ 3) Valentino - Valentina (Eau de Parfum)
A flowery-oriental scent, which is created for a modern woman, underlining her fresh and fascinating femininity. 
I'm wearing the perfume right now and I have fallen in love with it!!!!! I have wanted to try it out since it came out and I'm sure that the next perfume I'm going to buy is going to be this one. The smell is simply perfect!!!

original size: 50ml (73€), size here: 4ml (about 6€)

№ 4) Babor - Glossy Liplite
A lipgloss, an LED-light and a mirror all in one.

I think that you can never have enough lipgloss and this is actually an unusual one! :) The lipgloss itself is great, a natural and slightly shimmering colour. With the integrated light you can even actually use it in the dark, I tried it out and it really works! I don't know on which occasions it would actually be useful, but I think it's just something fun to have :D

original size here: 7ml (16,50€)

and the last one - № 5) Biotherm - Biosource Eau Auto-Moussante
To be used to remove make-up and cleanse skin thoroughly. A soothing formula without soap leaves your skin feeling fresh and your teint glowing.
Just as with the Paul Mitchell products, have heard a lot about this brand, but it was a bit too expensive for me to buy it by myself. So I'll see if it's able to work any wonders ;)

original size: 150ml (22€), size here: 50ml (7€)

all photos by: [entertainment scrapbook]


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  2. NIve post.
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  4. I love the Valentino parfum! It was my birthday present and is perfect!

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  8. @Lena

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  12. Pretty pretty pretty. OOOH one day I want a pretty box in the mail like this. So much fun :)

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