27 December 2011


Just my luck I watched this movie, together with Veronika, even with everyone trying to convince me not to go see it. First of all, I was stunned when seeing the trailer by the unusual topic and the great looking sets and cinematography. Plus, there were some mentionable names acting in this futuristic movie that tore me into the cinema.
I’m dividing the movie into two halfs. The first half was just fascinating, reminding me very much of one of my favorite movies Inception. The story about a guy in the future world being given tons of money (in this case money is TIME), now being able to see the rich parts of the United States where people having more money/time live, is definitely something new and intriguing. The thrilling plot keeps you glued to the scene throughout this first half.

However, unfortunately at one point the movie suddenly becomes, excuse my words, a bit ridiculous and its credibility level decreases and decreases and decreases while its logical mistakes increase!

The whole race against time topic, plus the creative ideas for the plot, plus some nice performances by all the actors involved, kept me entertained for all the 2 hours running time, so I’m gonna forgive the futuristic, actually well-made movie all its mistake. However, for 4 stars, it’s just not enough, so…

photo sources: [disneydreaming.com], [in-time-movie-trailer.blogspot.com], [kulthit.de] & [imdb.com]


  1. I heared that this film is not too much....
    so i think i wont go to see,hehe.




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