6 December 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: "Melancholia"

Oh this movie… It all starts out with a 1 hour long wedding video of a newly married Kirsten Dunst, alias Justine. She’s seeing a red star approaching, that you don’t get to know much more about in the first half of the movie though. To be all honest with you, Veronika and me both (!) fell asleep within the first half hour of the movie.

BUT: Lars von Trier’s Magnum Opus of sorts manages to get its act together. The second half of the all in all 2 ½ hour long movie is told from Justine’s sister’s point of view and its contents immediately grabs your attention. How do people react to a quickly approaching planet that has hidden behind the sun for centuries? And what does this planet stand for?

The cinematography is outstandingly beautiful, with the sights from the film reminding me of surrealist paintings, in the most positive sense. Kristen Dunst won Best Actress at this year’s Cannes awards so that’s that. The movie got the most nominations and wins at this year’s European Film Awards (+ Best Movie). Deservedly? Hmmmm.. Please, Monsieur von Trier, next time ask the public what they think about your movie, they would have all cut the first half! However, my respects for a stunning, inspiring and beautiful movie about depression and destruction, one of the most beautifully made films of recent times. It only just passes for 3 stars…
photo sources: [imdb.com] & [melancholiathemovie.com]


  1. die seidenblusen kosten ca. 100 euro :) //dariadaria

  2. I need to watch this film :)



  3. lovely dunts

    Herdiana Surachman

  4. Wow I've never heard of this film before. Will definitely check it out, it sounds pretty interesting...with the exception of the first half haha

  5. I really adore Kirsten Dunst’s work. She is stunning!

  6. I'd like to watch this film! I love Kirsten Dunst

  7. I was totally mesmerised by this picture (including the first act of it). There is no doubt that visually it is a great achievement (even people who hate it can't deny it) but personally I really enjoyed it as a whole concept served beautifully with Wagner's music.
    cheers from Warsaw,



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